Dear guests, this is the place that their visitors says its somehow different. The view on Vrdnik and Fruska Gora are something special from here. Nature in this small hill made a real amphitheater, in one and a half hectare of National Park Fruska Gora and 280 meters of sea level. The real natural theater. The main roles goes to Vrdnik spa and Fruska Gora. The script is written by every men for himself, and Vrdnik and Fruska Gora plays their parts every time with such passion. Guess that’s the reason for meany, to allways asks for “curtain call”, of our main actors. As for “Ranc Platan” goes, he allways trying to provide a special place and accommodation in a special box, just because our guests like it special. However if you decide to check the veracity of these allegations, "Ranch Platan" will provide you with a romantic weekend or rest in apartment with fireplace, peace, clean air and untouched nature, walk to the Vrdnik tower, mountain recreation horse riding, visiting monasteries, swimming in thermal water, sports, or if you just want to escape from the asphalt and in this case, our apartments are strongly recommended. :)

If the nature wants to go right, don’t go left.



Fireplace room

The composition of each apartment homes located: 1) main room with fireplace, wood and tools for fireplace kindling and maintenance, 2) kitchen, 3) bathroom, 4) attic, 5) terrace. The kitchen is equipped with a complete utensils and equipment for preparing light meals. In the fireplace room there is an extra sofa bed dimensions 190x180cm. Guests can use our home cinematheque. In the fireplace room there is a Led TV, DVD player and radio tuner. Each cottage has a total area of 40 m2 in one and a half acre yard.



Within the apartment houses above the fireplace room, there is an attic or a sleeping room which was done in alpine style cabin. At your disposal a dressing corner, wardrobe, radio, desk lamp, furry rug, double bed made of solid wood, linen from the Czech crepe and most importantly - fresh nights and a comfortable mattress. Moving your mouse around the picture you can see the spherical view of the attic.



Each apartment house has its own entrance and terrace with discreet lighting. The entrance to the apartment and the porch are made of wood and wrought iron. Moving the cursor around 360 spherical shots left, you can see the whole ranch. Unlike the original inaccessible and neglected terrain, ranch Platan is located in a quiet and cousy ambience. Courtyard extends to one and a half hectare national park and consists of several separate units: apartment part, sports and recreation, parking, part for walks. On top of ranch in the shade of huge linden tree was built summerhouse with barbecue, playground for croquet, badminton, children's playground and night lighting.


Mountain horse raiding

We reveal yet another jewel of Fruska Gora recreation, mountain riding on Fruska Gora. Booking terms are necessary. Price for two persons is 3,000 din.

jahanje jahanje jahanje

What to visit?

Vrdnik tower, monestaries, Whine house Kovacevic, Perkov Salas, mountain riding, thermal pools, local shops, restaurants, pub, pizzeria, and local market.

sta-posetiti sta-posetiti sta-posetiti


In the nearby restaurants that are only two minutes away from the ranch, you could try the local cuisine and international dishes. Yet before going, ask us for advice where you are now eating well. (Smiley) In Vrdniku (at traffic lights) are available restaurant, pizzeria, Pub Red Baron, barbecue, butcher with service firing, markets and shops with a general store.

ishrana ishrana ishrana

Fruska Gora monasteries

The monasteries of Fruska Gora are a unique group of sacral objects founded in the period from XV to XVIII century. Of the 35 monasteries built, 15 survive until today, Active monasteries following states: Krušedol, Petkovic, Rakovac, Velika Remeta, Divša, Novo Hopovo, The old Hopovo, Jazak, Mala Remeta, Grgeteg, Beočin, Privina Head, Šišatovac, Kuvežedin and Vrdnik-Ravanica.

manastir manastir manastir

Sport fields

In addition to walking the path to health Vrdnik tower and the monastery Ravanica, are at your disposal and our sports facilities: basketball, volleyball, bocce, a playground for badminton, darts, table football, table tennis ...

sportski-tereni sportski-tereni sportski-tereni


Geocaching, or search for a plastic box (Geocach), which is set on a hidden place.

geo-kes geo-kes geo-kes


Staying longer than one night - per person 20
Only one night per person 22.5

Cottages capacity are for two adults and two children or three adults.
Stay starts at 14.00 and ends at 12:00 hours on departure day.
Local tax of 70 RSD is included in the room price.

Accommodation for children is free.